Megan Fox really changed her image

Megan Fox really changed her image

On the eve of New York, the premiere of the documentary film of the groom Megan Fox Colson Baker Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink, which tells about the work of the musician, was held.

The main character of the picture came to the show accompanied by his chosen one – and she greatly surprised the audience.

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Megan changed her image and dyed her hair. From a burning brunette, she turned into a blonde with pink strands. Wearing a tight pink mini dress with a plunging neckline and matching sandals, Fox looked like a Barbie doll.

Beloved star, however, looked no less bright. To match the film’s title “The Life of Machine Gun Kelly in Pink” and to match his crush, Colson donned a pink and blue crop top and white pants and dyed his hair hot pink.

Fans of Megan perceived her new image ambiguously. Most of her beauty experiments did not understand. “What happened to Megan?

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She used to be so beautiful, but now she looks like Paris Hilton”, “She destroys her natural beauty,” and “They are both very strange…”, say netizens.

This is where Megan Fox made her mark. Instead of keeping it quiet, the actress walked away with a lock of pastel pink tones with black roots.

Bright pink smoky eyes and black eyebrows caught our attention with her shiny ombre lips. How to seal it all? The connection of a shiny nose.

If Barbie was a pink rocker, she would wear this kind of dress. A matching manicure and pedicure only add to the look.

Machine gun Kelly Megan is opening up about her mental health test in the early stages of her relationship with Fox.

The singer, the real name Colson Baker, revealed that after losing his father in 2020, he went to a ‘dark place’ where he even tried to commit suicide.