Meghan Markle advocates a complete ban on free-trafficking guns in the US

Meghan Markle advocates a complete ban on free-trafficking guns in the US

Moms Demand Action is an American public organization founded by women who oppose the free circulation of weapons in the United States.

In some states of the country, its representatives participate in the legislative process, helping lawyers seek restrictions on the right to purchase and use firearms in America.

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In others, the organization organizes rallies and other actions that are designed to help draw the attention of other members of society and media representatives to this problem.

Meghan Markle decided to help one of the branches of Moms Demand Action: the Duchess of Sussex expressed her gratitude to volunteers and employees, which her fans quickly learned about.

The previous afternoon, Meghan Markle sent pastries and coffee to the Moms Demand Action office, accompanied by a pleasant surprise with a note.

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“Thank you for the work you are doing to keep our children, families, and communities safe,” said the cover letter, which was later shared on social media by organization leader Shannon Watts.

The girl admitted that the surprise was pleasant because the volunteers and staff of Moms Demand Action had worked around the clock for several weeks.

She said that several types of sweet pastries were delivered to the office of the organization at once, including donuts, bagels, and coffee biscuits.

On the note attached to them was Meghan Markle’s personal monogram, The Letter “M,” topped with a small crown.

“Please know that no matter how strong the feeling of fatigue that you experience, I would like you to have the energy to achieve the result that you set for yourself!”, The Duchess of Sussex said in the same letter.

The child safety issues that Moms Demand Action covers in its activities are of particular importance to her since Meghan Markle is raising her son Archie and daughter Lilibet together with Prince Harry.