Michael Strahan And Ex-Wife Settle Abuse Claims Regarding Their Twin Daughters

Michael Strahan And Ex-Wife Settle Abuse Claims Regarding Their Twin Daughters

A report from Page Six today suggested that Michael Strahan and his ex-wife have officially settled their court case regarding the abuse of their twin daughters. Followers of Michael know that his divorce with Jean wound up costing him $15.3 million.

Back in February, Michael’s legal team said in a North Carolina court that Jean Strahan had abused their twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia, who are both 16. On the 13th of October, the case was dismissed and both parties are now agreeing to a custody arrangement.

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Court documents appear to show that Jean and Michael are now looking to move on from their legal dispute. In the case, Michael had requested that his two daughters live with him in the Big Apple.

Jean, who was living with both of them in North Carolina, agreed to get an apartment in the Upper West Side apartment so the pair of young girls can finish their education at a Manhattan private school. The court agreement also shows that Michael and Jean will share split custody.

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A source on Jean’s side, however, argued that Michael and Jean’s annual cost of living costs and child support payments haven’t been decided. In the same case, Jean and her lawyer argued that Michael hasn’t been paying as much as he should for their daughters’ horseback-riding lessons.

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Regarding the North Carolina case purporting Jean’s abusive behavior, Michael said she had been cruel to both of their daughters. Moreover, Strahan said Jean failed to meet their arrangements, including allowing them to miss horseback-riding events and volleyball matches.

Fast forward to today, and all of the allegations were dismissed with prejudice, which means the claims can’t be brought up in court again. The case was thrown out after Jean agreed to all of Michael’s demands, a source close to Michael had claimed.

An insider close to Jean claimed Michael won’t be paying any child support, but he admits there is money he owes her but doesn’t want to cough it up.