Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson – Here’s How She Feels About His PDA With Stunning Model Marloes Stevens!

Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson – Here’s How She Feels About His PDA With Stunning Model Marloes Stevens!

While it hasn’t been long since the two ended their relationship, seeing Cody Simpson getting a kiss from Marloes Stevens did not bother Miley Cyrus in the slightest! In fact, she was all for it and one insider report claims to know why!

At this point in time, rumors are going around that Cody is still ‘getting to know’ the gorgeous model so their romance is not too serious.

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Regardless, some may think he’s still moving on from Miley pretty fast since the two ended their relationship back in August.

Still, most fans are well aware that Miley and Cody used to be good friends before dating and after it ended, they resumed their friendship so there is no jealousy or bad blood between them.

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The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Miley has moved on from their relationship and she’s really focused on her own life and has a very busy career and a full life. But that’s not to say she doesn’t wish him everything but the best and she has nothing but love for Cody and always will no matter what. They ended things on really good terms and there’s absolutely no bad blood between them whatsoever.’

Another insider stressed that since they ended on good terms, Miley wants what’s best for Cody.

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‘Miley isn’t going to be petty especially with Cody. They broke up but had a great relationship. Miley is her own person and is not worried on Cody’s dating life one bit. He is able to do anything he wants. They aren’t together. Cody has done nothing wrong and Miley just hopes he is hair happy and healthy. Miley is the one that ended that relationship, she’s good with Cody moving on. She for sure wants Cody to be happy and fully expects him to date.’

The same source insisted that, as far as Miley and Cody are concerned, there is no drama or regrets between them over how things ended!