Monika Lewinsky found a way to answer Jennifer Aniston

Monika Lewinsky found a way to answer Jennifer Aniston

The other day Jennifer Aniston gave one of her most scandalous interviews.

The actress usually tries to stay away from loud and derogatory statements, but this time she was quite critical.

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The Friends star emphasized that since the late 1990s, the Internet has begun to strongly influence the process of becoming a popular person. Thanks to him, Jen believes, people have appeared in Hollywood who do not deserve the fame and honors they are given.

“After all, they do nothing, but at the same time, they are building an amazing career. And separately, it is worth remembering those who became famous due to their female reputation.

I’m talking about Paris Hilton, Monica Lewinsky, and others,” said the star, referring to celebrities who became popular due to sexual scandals.

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Monika, who has been sharing her opinion on many issues lately, has decided not to speak out on her own this time. She put her like on social networks to a person who spoke out against Aniston.

“It seems to me that a woman who preaches the empowerment of other women is acting hypocritically if she is trying to humiliate someone else’s past in any way,” the message says.

Recall that Lewinsky really became famous due to the sexual scandal. In 1998, journalists learned about her relationship with the married Bill Clinton.

Over time, the words “Monica Lewinsky” in American culture have taken on a special meaning. So, many rappers used this name for their work.

In a previous post, Jennifer Aniston became famous all over the world thanks to the role of Rachel in the TV series Friends.

After that, there was a break in the celebrity’s career when she did not star in high-profile projects.

However, now the name of the actress still managed to get rid of one role, and all thanks to the “Morning Show.” At the same time, the star herself is disappointed that popularity on the Web is valued more than real talent.