Mulatto Praises Nicki Minaj After The Legendary MC Showed Her Respect

Mulatto Praises Nicki Minaj After The Legendary MC Showed Her Respect

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from Mulatto this week in which the performing artist expressed her excitement over having heard that Nicki Minaj positively acknowledged her as an artist.

The Queen of Da Souf artist had a big day on the 6th of November, Friday, after she and 2 Chains released their song together, “Quarantine Thick.” Nicki retweeted a video of Mulatto giving Nicki flowers, and that was the point when Mulatto chimed in.

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Minaj wrote on her account, “my baby Big Latto. Sending all that love right back.” Mulatto tweeted about her message, and also went on her Instagram Live to share her excitement about the news. “Who the f*ck cutting an onion, @nickiminaj Queen,” the artist wrote in her tweet, but obviously, it was a joke and a reference to her tears.

On her Twitter account, Mulatto went on to say that Minaj’s remarks meant the “world” to her, and she couldn’t even express how happy she was to hear what Nicki had to say to her. Mulatto says Minaj has been a big inspiration to her ever since she was 9-years-old.

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Her social media posts didn’t stop there either. Mulatto continued to express how excited she was over Nicki’s shout-out. The star also played a few of her big songs and rapped every lyric, clearly communicating that she was a big fan and not pretending.

As most know, Nicki Minaj has been a groundbreaking MC in the rap world ever since she became the biggest female rapper in the game. While there were other women who came before her, including artists like Lil’ Kim and Eve, Nicki Minaj’s success marked the first time that a woman had dominated the genre.

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Some argue Minaj paved the way for other female artists of today, including rappers such as Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and others. Ironically, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, however, got into a brutal fight at New York Fashion Week.

As the story goes, Nicki and Cardi skirmished over a tweet that Nicki Minaj had supposedly liked regarding Cardi’s parenting skills. This wasn’t long after the birth of her daughter, Kulture Kiari, with Offset.