Naomi Campbell stars in the Self-Portrait campaign

Naomi Campbell stars in the Self-Portrait campaign

52-year-old supermodel Naomi Campbell has become the protagonist of the new Self-Portrait advertising campaign. Photos of the campaign appeared on the official website of the brand.

Naomi Campbell starred in Self-Portrait’s 1990s ad campaign. In the lens of fashion photographer Renelle Medrano, the supermodel posed lying in bed with a wired phone in her hands.

She first wore a nude dress embroidered with rhinestones and then changed into a short, shimmering belly-baring top and a midi-length skirt.

Makeup and styling by Naomi Campbell were done by makeup artist Angloma and hair stylist Rio Sreedharan, and Hayley Wollens styled the shoot.

Irina Shayk starred in the previous Self-Portrait campaign. The Russian supermodel posed in a tight denim corset and a low-cut skirt. Russian supermodel Irina Shayk in a denim corset, appeared in an advertisement for Self-Portrait. The corresponding pictures appeared on the official accounts of the brand on social networks.

36-year-old Irina Shayk became the heroine of the new Self-Portrait advertising campaign. The supermodel showed off items from the new Pre-Fall 2022 collection of the brand.

In the lens of the famous fashion photographer Carlin Jacobs, the Russian woman posed in a tight denim corset and a long, fast, low-rise skirt, showing off her abs.

Then Shayk changed into a turquoise set, consisting of a top with a neckline and transparent sleeves and a silk skirt, reminiscent of the first in style. “I wanted our campaign to be something strong, powerful, and pure at the same time, to reflect the joy and confidence that our brand inspires and celebrate the spirit of this collection,” said Han Chong, founder and creative director of Self-Portrait.

The naked body of the supermodel covered the dress of the Self Portrait brand, which hung in front of her on a clothesline for drying clothes. The Russian woman’s hair was gathered in a bun, and there was practically no makeup on her face.