Naomi Watts launches her own brand for menopausal women

Naomi Watts launches her own brand for menopausal women

Naomi Watts launches a wellness care brand for menopausal women. Writes about this edition DailyMail.

The actress is launching her own line of beauty and health products, Stripes, which will combat the changes in the skin and body during menopause.

At the Stripes presentation, the 53-year-old actress admitted that she was once warned that she would lose demand in Hollywood if she “gets too old.”

“I was once told: as soon as you lose sex appeal, you cease to be in demand as an actress,” Watts shared.

Naomi Watts has revealed that she created Stripes to combat ageism and bring attention to the issues of menopausal women.

On her social networks, the actress posted a selfie without makeup and wrote a long post in which she spoke about her attitude towards menopause and explained why it is important to talk about it without shame.

Naomi has just started previewing the product for those who are impressed and members of the media, although it is not clear when it will be officially launched.

“Aging is a privilege; it’s a time when we can be proud of our accumulated experience,” she captioned a selfie without makeup.

Earlier, it was said that Hailey Bieber had launched a line of skincare products. The brand name was Rhode Skin. So far, the brand has only three products in its category: a moisturizer, a liquid for skin glow, and a lip balm. Cosmetics packaging is minimal, and each product costs about 30.

“I wanted it to be just the most essential thing. It’s like having a wardrobe you have the best jeans and the best t-shirt. So it is with skincare: you have the best moisturizer with which you are faithful.

Because it’s proven, it’s great, it does exactly what you want it to do, “Hailey Bieber told Glamor.