Natalie Portman’s Trainer Speaks About How She Transformed Her Physique for Thor: Love And Thunder

Natalie Portman’s Trainer Speaks About How She Transformed Her Physique for Thor: Love And Thunder

As trailer footage for Thor: Love and Thunder first dropped, there were many exciting things to notice in it, the guardians returning, Thor getting back into shape, Thor’s butt, AND NATALIE PORTMAN RETURNING WITH THOR’S HAMMER!

But while most fans were already aware and prepared for Portman’s return as Lady Thor, what they weren’t prepared for was the amazing muscular shape the Portman had gotten into for the role. Fans were quick to notice that Portman looked significantly more muscular and ripped than in her previous appearances in the MCU or really any movie in her catalog.

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Actors undergoing remarkable physical transformations for their MCU roles is not a new phenomenon but Natalie Portman’s transformation might be one of the best ones yet.

Natalie’s trainer Naomi Pendergast recently revealed what it was like working with Portman and how she achieved the new look that she is flaunting in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Naomi and Natalie began training way back in October of 2020, about 4 months prior to filming for Thor: Love and Thunder began.

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Naomi stated that they went into the regimen with 2 simple goals, becoming strong and muscular and avoiding any injuries. The workout regime that Naomi designed for Portman had special emphasis on Portman’s wrists. Understandably so, Portman would be carrying Mjolnir after all!

Naomi discovered that the Mjolnir that was used on set weighed somewhere around 3 to 4 pounds, which doesn’t sound like much but when you have to carry and swing it all day, it’ll start to weigh a lot and even create a risk of injuries for untrained wrists. Naomi revealed that she prescribed special wrist exercises for Portman to do every day before she would go on set.

In terms of diet, Naomi revealed that she was impressed with Portman’s clean and healthy eating habits. Portman is a vegan so Naomi had to add plant-based sources of protein to Portman’s diet. Naomi described a day’s food for Portman during her training as follows:

“A vegan-based breakfast of oats and berries plus a protein shake, her snacks throughout the day would consist of fruit, nuts, and salads. For lunch she would have a vegan falafel dish, again with a protein shake, and for dinner, a vegan curry and protein shake.”

So you see kids, if it was that easy being the mighty Thor, everyone would do it.

Fans are excitedly waiting for Portman’s performance in Thor: Love and Thunder which drops in theaters a