NBA Fans Launch Online Petition To Strip Kyle Kuzma Of Championship Ring If The LA Lakers Win

NBA Fans Launch Online Petition To Strip Kyle Kuzma Of Championship Ring If The LA Lakers Win

Apparently, not everyone is a fan of Kyle Kuzma, the LA Lakers player. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that fans launched a petition online asking for Kyle not to receive a ring if he wins in the NBA Finals because, according to them, he’s a “f*ckboi.”

The petition reads that Kyle shouldn’t get a ring if the Lakers win the championship game this year because of the reason mentioned above. Thus far, the petition has been signed by over 5,000 fans. It’s not clear who will win the championship but the Lakers are currently 2-0.

The Lakers have also won by more than 10 points each game and Kuzma got three points in the first game. In the second match, Kyle earned another 11 points and during the post-game interview, Kuzma said he was just “embracing” his role.

Kuzma believes it’s never “about scoring” when he’s on the court, especially in the position that he’s in. While fans are entirely convinced Kyle doesn’t deserve to get a ring because he’s supposedly a “f*ckboi,” others have been combing through his dating history to know if there is truth to the claims.

Back in May of 2020, sources said to Page Six that the LA Lakers player was dating Winnie Harlow. At the time, it was suggested that he and Harlow were in a relationship, and they had been hanging out while under quarantine.

An insider who spoke with the outlet said Kyle and Winnie had been hanging out for a few weeks amid the lockdown. However, it was a few weeks into the past when they were first seen wearing masks while also holding hands.

And in the previous year, Kyle was rumored to be in a relationship with Kendall Jenner after they were seen hanging out on a yacht. Sources at the time wondered if it was romantic or merely platonic, with many people online suggesting it must’ve been romantic due to Kendall’s history with NBA players.

As for Winnie’s relationship history, the star has dated people like Wiz Khalifa and Lewis Hamilton.