Nicole Kidman shared a photo from the family archive from the wedding

Nicole Kidman shared a photo from the family archive from the wedding

In 2005, Nicole Kidman met Keith Urban , whom she married a year later. The couple is celebrating 16 years of marriage this year. The actress shared a photo with her husband from that very day.

In the photo, Keith lights a unity candle during a traditional Catholic ceremony in the chapel. “Sweet XVI. I remember it like it was yesterday.

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Forever,” the actress captioned the post. In the photo, Nicole is wearing a one-shoulder Balenciaga wedding dress.

Elsewhere in the interview, Richard asked Nicole how she and Keith balance family life with their work schedules.

He said: ‘We just work on it ourselves … we’ll literally sit down – as most couples do – and go, “Well, that’s the schedule. What are we going to do? much more.”

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“We don’t like to be a pin-up couple,” Nicole said. We just want to be a couple who have a good life together.

Nicole added that they have reached a stage in their marriage where they can see if any particular commitment will affect their relationship and decide not to move forward with it.

“It’s our family and how we make it work. The priority is each other and our children. There is nothing more important than that, “he said.

He added that his and Keith’s marriage should not be considered an old-fashioned way because every relationship is different.

“Everyone has the right to a relationship. We protect our little bubbles a lot. He who works for us works for us, ‘he said.

Recall that the first marriage with Tom Cruise lasted 11 years. The couple separated in 2001. The actress was having a hard time parting with her ex-husband. She once said in an interview.

“Keith just came and protected me. He loved me, gave me confidence, and helped me feel more comfortable,” the actress admitted in a conversation with journalists from Marie Claire.