Nicole Young Wants To Find Out If Dr. Dre Fathered Other Children While They Were Married

Nicole Young Wants To Find Out If Dr. Dre Fathered Other Children While They Were Married

Things haven’t been going well between Dr. Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole Young, who announced they were going through a divorce earlier this year. More specifically, a number of publications caught wind of their split from divorce documents filed in a Los Angeles court during the summer months.

Fans of the music mogul and his wife know that he and Young were once known as one of the most inconspicuous couples. Hot New Hip Hop claims, however, this has since come to an end, with both parties fighting over money and other problems in a court of law.

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Thus far, the couple has been in the headlines for a number of reasons, including whether the prenuptial agreement they had signed was valid, and whether Nicole had illegally withdrawn money from a few of Dr. Dre‘s bank accounts.

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Regarding Nicole, she has accused Dre of having three different mistresses during their marriage, and she named them in the court docs. Moreover, she has even accused the hip-hop artist of domestic violence.

TMZ learned today, as well, that Nicole is now looking to discover whether Dr. Dre fathered any other children behind her back. According to the entertainment news publication, Nicole and her legal team filed a motion to have Dr. Dre turn over any information related to the paternity of other children.

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Currently, Nicole is reportedly trying to acquire around $2 million per month in spousal support, and if she discovers other children, It would certainly help her get what she wants. This is just another development in what many journalists have described as a “nasty divorce.”

However, many people have expected it because of Dr. Dre’s massive $1 billion fortune. The hip-hop icon was already incredibly successful as a music producer and a rapper when he and Jimmy Iovine launched Dre Beats, a headphone company.

Later, it sold to Apple for several billion dollars, making Jimmy and Dre incredibly wealthy. Now, Dre is regularly listed as one of the wealthiest men in hip-hop. He’s frequently at the top of the list among people like Birdman, P. Diddy, and a few others.