Nikki Bella Reveals She Took Carrie Ann Inaba’s Side In Feud Against Artem Chigvintsev

Nikki Bella Reveals She Took Carrie Ann Inaba’s Side In Feud Against Artem Chigvintsev

In a feud between her fiance and his seemingly worst enemy, Nikki Bella made the decision that errs on the side of tough love. She has broken her silence about Artem Chigvintsev speaking out against Carrie Ann Inaba.

Up until last Monday, Artem and Kaitlyn were confused by judge Carrie Ann’s criticism. Because it wasn’t more specific, the choreographer started to feel that Carrie may have been holding a personal grudge against him.

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Fans chimed in via social media to say it may be because the two of them dated years ago. However, Nikki revealed that she didn’t agree with the drama.

‘You know, it’s funny because Artem and I had a discussion about it. And I see it very different. I thought him and Kaitlyn were being a little out of line. You decided to go to do a competition show. You are going to be judged. You are going to be critiqued. People are dying of COVID.

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Nikki was also a contestant on Dancing With the Stars where she met her fiance so it’s safe to say she was speaking from experience.

The athlete added: ‘So for me, I was like, you guys are still getting good scores. She’s critiquing you. Like, I don’t know why you made this into such a personal feud. So I would actually stick up to Carrie Ann to Artem.’

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Her sister, Brie Bella chimed in to say that they are team Carrie Ann.

This comes after Artem and Kaitlyn felt that Carrie’s former harsh criticisms weren’t fair.

Although Carrie said that she’s been bullied on the show for years and she wasn’t going to back down, she gave the pair a standing O after their performance on Monday night.

Her experience in the WWE probably gave her this mentality. Although Chigvintsev may not have agreed with he Bella Twin, she’s going to be giving her opinion for the rest of their lives.