Nikki Bella Talks About Getting Slammed By Trump Supporters For Promoting Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Book

Nikki Bella Talks About Getting Slammed By Trump Supporters For Promoting Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Book

Nikki Bella was simply supporting a friend when she shared Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s new memoir in which one of her friends helped bring to life. Before she knew it, she was bombarded with hate messages that turned her comment section into a political debate.

The Rock barely ever gets involved in politics. However, he, along with many other celebrities and public figures knows that this election is much too important to not speak up about.

He endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for POTUS and VPOTUS. Immediately after, he was slammed with hate comments from Trump supporters.

It just so happened that not long after, Nikki shared his book that her friend helped work on. She stepped away from her phone and just minutes after — she was bombarded by the same people who slammed The Rock.

Although Nikki didn’t say a thing about politics — overzealous followers thought that it was her way of saying she is also voting for Biden/Harris.

She opened up about the terrible experience on the Bellas Podcast.

‘We know as authors…how much work you put into making your first book; to any book you have, and the minute you get your first book published and it hit shelves, how proud you are. You’re just so excited; it’s a huge accomplishment. So when I got his in the mail, I just remember that feeling when we dropped ‘Incomparable.’ Then I looked at social media and all of a sudden I was like, ‘What the f–k?’ I’m like, how did this turn into a political debate? First of all, that never crossed my mind. Not once.’

She further explained why she was so shocked at the response she was receiving by delusional fans.

‘It sucks that you can support someone—support a friend and their amazing accomplishment—and how it turns into negativity and you get this backlash and it turns into something so political.’

She had one final thing to say about the situation.

Nikki Bella’s account, this is all about positivity, love and light. I embrace everyone’s beliefs because I was raised to believe—and I learned on my own—that everyone is gonna have different opinions and beliefs. That’s what makes the world go ’round. We’re all never going to think the same.’

Hopefully, people can stop turning positive things into something negative because of their political bias.