Nina Marie, Anthony Lindsey’s Baby Mama, Takes Responsibility For Sleeping With His Best Friend, Ryan Henry, In Viral Video — She Also Shares Photos Of Alleged Abuse

Nina Marie, Anthony Lindsey’s Baby Mama, Takes Responsibility For Sleeping With His Best Friend, Ryan Henry, In Viral Video — She Also Shares Photos Of Alleged Abuse

Nina Marie is finally addressing the cheating scandal involving Black Ink Crew Chicago star Ryan Henry. The young woman takes full responsibility for cheating on her baby daddy, Anthony Lindsey, with his best friend, Ryan, who is also the godfather of their child.

However, after getting blasted on social media for being mean to Anthony, she wanted to paint a more accurate picture of the situation and alleges that she was physically abused before the cheating occurred.

To some extent, she blames the alleged abuse for her actions. She also said while they were together for close to three years, only the first 8 months were really good contrary to the image that has been put out there in the media.

Nina, unless she is a great comedian, seems clear-eyed about the whole thing, and she urges Anthony’s supporters to move forward and stop with the alleged bullying and threats on the social networking channels.

Ryan recently said on Instagram Live: “I hurt people that I care about badly. I disrespected myself and my family. Just to be clear, I’m not the victim in this. Everybody that surrounds me was. This particular moment is definitely not about me. It’s about me apologizing publicly because so many people will feel that I didn’t say anything or some people will feel that I didn’t care. I’ve apologized to Anthony. We talked. We talked a lot after this happened. Ya’ll just got it a little bit later.”

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#ryanhenry says ya’ll gone bash him either way so he is telling his side of smashing his best friends #girlfriend while he had #cancer😳😳😳😳 #hiphopbham Repost from @theybf_daily • follow @hiphopbham Welp. Despite stating “There is no tea,” #BlackInk star #RyanHenry is confirming the accusations that he slept with his best friend Anthony’s on again off again girlfriend and baby’s mother. Multiple times. Even within the last two months. In this lengthy IGtv video, Ryan explains why he stayed quiet following the accusations coming out, that their group – including his own girlfriend Rachel – discussed everything “as a family” weeks ago, and he can’t say why Anthony suddenly posted the situation publicly after they all discussed it. Ryan says he was fighting his own mental battles and depression when he betrayed Anthony and is learning how to not self sabotage.

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Social media had a lot of reactions to the topic. A woman rooting for Nina wrote: “The fact that so many women in the comment section was downing her story and clowning her is pathetic as hell. Then y’all be the same ones crying when nobody believes or takes your story seriously.”

Another commenter called her a liar and added: “She’s CONNIVING! He POSTED THE POLICE REPORT SHOWING SHE ATTACKED HIM FIRST! She’s trying to deflect so badly. What about your kids? What about rachilla & her kids?”

This Instagrammer tried to change the conversation with: “I’m very distracted by the eyebrows …..I’m distracted by all that makeup caked on her face. Her mouth bothering me.”

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2: For the first 6 months of Caydenn’s birth it was bliss . Happiness because a new life was brought into this world. Soon I would experience complete emotional and mental abuse and manipulative behavior from this narcissistic man. March would mark the last and final time I would experience his abuse. That time I was completely incoherent and woke up out of that incoherence to being choked to the point where i would fall in and out of consciousness. For two weeks it would hurt to swallow. What I came on here to say is that no matter what kind of hold or power a man or woman has over you this is not acceptable. The person that I trusted to protect me and LOVE me ended up intentionally HURTING ME. Knowing that I was defenseless and weak BOTH times. This man has hurt me over and over and over again and over and over and over again I’ve forgiven him. What hurts the most is the one time I make a mistake, which in my opinion is not as traumatic or terrible as what he has done, and he decides that publicly bashing me is the way to go when I’ve consistently dealt with our issues PRIVATELY. Abuse comes in different forms , physical, but also mental and emotional. Even after the past abuse , I STILL decided to try and forgive his behavior for the sake of OUR child. Even after it all I never disclosed ANY of this information to our child and always portrayed his father to be a good man to him. This entire time Ive handle these situations with grace and I’m privacy. I wanted to tell my story to help other women in similar situations to say that you should be strong and resilient ! Listen to your intuition and don’t succumb to a narcissistic or abusive partners manipulation. There are so many resources out there for us women that offer so much support so please know you are not alone! I’ve decided to come forward to also shine a light on the person you strangers are out there defending. Someone who’s true life doesn’t reflect the person he is out there portraying himself to be. I’m posting this so you all can see who I’ve been dealing with and who is really behind the phone screen dragging my name through the mud when in actuality he is a terrible person himself

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One critic chimed in, “Girl this DONT excuse your treacherous behavior. You should’ve LEFT then!”

Nina told her story, but she has more work to do to win the PR aspect of the scandal.