NLE Choppa Claims He Was In A Sexual Relationship With A 46-Year-Old Woman When He Was 16

NLE Choppa Claims He Was In A Sexual Relationship With A 46-Year-Old Woman When He Was 16

Hip-hop fans know NLE Choppa, at one point in time in his career, spent a lot of energy rapping about violence, crime, drugs, money, and women. However, Hot New Hip Hop pointed to the recent change in lifestyle the young rapper has gone through.

In case you missed it, NLE Choppa recently announced he was going to no longer rap about living the fast life, moreover, he urged his fans and followers to begin eating a much healthier diet, living a better life, and taking care of themselves.

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NLE Choppa has been living a more “sustainable lifestyle,” Hot New Hip Hop reported today. In fact, the rapper was already in the headlines when he told his social media followers to put down their Travis Scott hamburgers after the McDonalds partnership with Scott had been revealed.

Additionally, Hot New Hip Hop says the artist now has a vegetable garden in his backyard and has been reading a lot of books about spirituality and how he intends on learning about the “birth” of the new world.

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During a conversation with The Shade Room, NLE Choppa talked about a number of things including his relationship with women and his recent change to a more spiritual way of living his life. The interviewer asked him what his age limit was on women, and the rapper made a surprising comment.

Choppa says that when he was 16-years-old, he was dating a 46-year-old woman. The rapper claimed he understands that the 30-year-age-gap was too much and highly unusual for most people, but he doesn’t regret it at all.

The rapper went on to say “she was bad though!” before going on to say that he could’ve been her “son’s son.” The rapper added that he didn’t want to show off any pictures or anything like that, but she looked like she was 22-years-old, and she didn’t have any surgery.

He described her as a “natural black beauty.” Earlier this week, the performing artist was in the headlines after he claimed that “votes didn’t count” because the president has already been settled forty years in advance.