Olivia Culpo Says She Was Overweight And Felt Ugly As A Child — Dad Put Her On A Diet

Olivia Culpo Says She Was Overweight And Felt Ugly As A Child — Dad Put Her On A Diet

Olivia Culpo is regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, but according to her, she didn’t always feel that way. In fact, Olivia says she was overweight as a child and felt ugly. The comments came as a surprise to fans of the beauty queen who nabbed not one but three major titles: Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA, and Miss Universe. Olivia and her sister Aurora spoke to Simon Huck and Melissa Gray Washington for their Emergency Contact podcast and made the startling statements. Things came to a head when her concerned father put his little girl on a diet (she was ten-years-old) and Olivia began to lose weight. It’s unclear how much Olivia weighed as a child that deemed her to be “overweight” or why at only ten-years-old she felt ugly.

Olivia stated the following while speaking on the podcast.

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Honestly, growing up I felt really ugly which is a terrible thing to say. I was really different looking. My older sister looked like a Barbie doll. I was overweight. I had to look myself in the mirror and say, ‘Okay you’re different,’ because I was.

Olivia continued to explain.

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Our dad is amazing but our dad is like, Type A and has run over a dozen marathons. When I was 10, yeah, I was put on those diets and I kind of realized, when you put in the work you get the results. It kind of all started from there.

There is no question that Olivia has a flawless figure and fans can’t imagine her being overweight, but at the same time, many are asking if there was too much pressure put on Olivia at 10-years-old to appear a certain way.

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You may listen to the Emergency Contact podcast with Simon Huck and Melissa Gray Washington below.

Here is another photo of the Sports Illustrated model Olivia Culpo.

What do you think about Olivia’s statements? Are you surprised to hear her say that she was overweight as a child, felt ugly, and went on a diet at ten-years-old?

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