Pamela Anderson Responds To Kendall Jenner Channeling Barb Wire — See The Look

Pamela Anderson Responds To Kendall Jenner Channeling Barb Wire — See The Look

Kendall Jenner surprised fans when she transformed herself into Pamela Anderson for her 25th birthday/Halloween party, but none was as surprised as Pamela Anderson herself! The iconic, bleached-blonde bombshell responded to Kendall to let her know what she thought of the young fashion model and reality television star channeling one of her most famous characters — Barb Wire. At 53-years-old, Pamela is still gorgeous and continues to flaunt her curves on her social media pages. She has over one million Instagram followers and usually posts artistic, black and white photos and videos of herself often combined with poetry. Though Pamela is in no way retiring from the spotlight, it seems she couldn’t help but be flattered to have Kendall channel her famous character.

Pamela tweeted to Kendall about the transformation and Kendall responded.

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In a tweet that Pamela Anderson shared, she included an article by Page Six and added a thumbs-up emoji, and let Kendall know that she loved the look. She wrote, “so cute.”

Kendall responded by calling the Playboy playmate and animal rights activist a legend. You may see Pamela Anderson’s tweet and Kendall Jenner‘s response below.

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Kendall shared several photos of Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire on Twitter and fans were amazed at how much Kendall resembled Pamela. The movie Barb Wire was released on May 3, 1996, and at the time, Pamela was married to Tommy Lee and in the movie is credited as Pamela Anderson Lee. The couple was married from 1995-1998 and share two children together: Brandon Thomas Lee (24) and Dylan Jagger Lee (22). Both sons inherited their parents’ good looks and have worked as models.

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Barb Wire went on to become a cult classic, simply because it stars Pamela Anderson. You may see several photos of Pamela Anderson for Barb Wire below.

Here are the photos that Kendall Jenner shared of herself dressed like Barb Wire. Fans couldn’t believe what a great job Kendall’s glam team did on her look.

A video that Kendall Jenner shared of her backside while dancing at her party in her Barb Wire costume went viral on social media.

What do you think about Kendall Jenner channeling Pamela Anderson’s character Barb Wire? Do you think she did a good job with her transformation?

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