Paul Staehle Claims That Karine Martins Claims She Has Been A Victim Of Human Trafficking

Paul Staehle is a well-known Tv personality. Paul Staehle appeared on 90-day fiance and gained a lot of following through being on the show. Karine Martins is his wife and the two were married in 2017.

However, the family is going through some real drama. Recently, Paul Staehle had to give up his son Pierre to CPS after some disturbing reports of a kidnapping. These allegations were made against Paul Staehle after he and his 3-year-old son had disappeared.

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To explain his side of the story, Paul Staehle said that he and his son had been on an extended work trip. However, according to Paul, it had only been a coincidence that his work trip had aligned with CPS gaining custody of both of his sons. He had returned to Kentucky after his trip to his mother who then turned him over to Louisville CPS.

Paul has said that the matters of custody are still in court right now. Previously, he had stated that his parents could not be an emergency foster placement for the children. However, now he seems to be pretty confident that the boys will be living with family.

The whole arrangement according to Paul is temporary until he and Karine can figure out what they want to do in life. He has admitted that for now, he has no idea where his sons are and have not gotten in touch with his family in a while.

Paul has been saying that Karine has done the same. He said that at first she was living with someone who kicked her out but now she’s living in a government program where she got a free house. He also mentioned that she did not have to worry about work or bills.

Paul is saying that the benefits that Karine has come from a federally funded program for the victims of human trafficking. It does sound like Paul is saying that Karine accused him of human trafficking however he has not said this outright.

Karina has made other allegations against Paul in the past. One of these allegations was that Paul was filming the inside and outside of their house just to monitor her. Many people were shocked at the new and old allegations against Paul.