Pauly Shore Says He Was ‘Sad’ When His Career Ended Because He Just Liked To Make People Laugh

Pauly Shore Says He Was ‘Sad’ When His Career Ended Because He Just Liked To Make People Laugh

According to Pauly Shore, he took it hard when his career first started to dwindle. Page Six did an interview with Shore this week in which he touched on his life and career in the 1990s, including when he first joined MTV in 1989.

Shore later went on to appear in films like Encino Man, Son in Law, as well as In The Army. However, it didn’t take long for audiences to grow tired of the actor’s style of comedy, which was expressed in a number of box office bombs that effectively ended his career.

The star says that for approximately ten years of his life, he was doing movies, MTV, and records, however, his schtick got old and it wasn’t as popular anymore. Shore said it was tough on him to suddenly realize he wasn’t going to be starring in movies anymore.

Rather than trying to star in other people’s films, Shore later went on to write and produce his own, including Pauly Shore is Dead. Pauly says he was quite resilient, which is an attribute he got from his parents.

Pauly’s most recent project is The Comedy Store, a five-part docu-series on Showtime which shows how the notorious comedy club came to be at the behest of Mitzi Shore, his mother. Reportedly, Mitzi acquired The Comedy Store during her divorce from Sammy, Pauly’s father.

Fans know The Comedy Store is an important venue when it comes to stand-up comedy. It acted as a breeding ground for some of the best comedians to ever do it, including people like Robin Williams, Sam Kinison, Jim Carrey, David Letterman, Freddie Prinze, and Richard Pryor.

According to Shore, Mitzi’s life first started when she got her hands on the club when she was 40-years-old. The star said it was her “calling” to help up and coming comedians. Unfortunately, she died in 2018 after suffering from a neurological disease.

Shore claims the fact he was taking care of his mother is probably a big part of the reason why he never got married. The comedian also says he recently moved to Las Vegas to try something new. The comic says maybe someone will appreciate what he’s trying to do there.