Pete Davidson Blasts JK Rowling And Her Views On Transgenderism

Pete Davidson Blasts JK Rowling And Her Views On Transgenderism

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on Pete Davidson‘s recent appearence on Saturday Night Live in which he referred to JK Rowling’s recent batch of tweets as “very disappointing.”

Davidson joked that he had gotten a Harry Potter tattoo many years ago because he wasn’t a psychic and didn’t know she would go “all Mel Gibson on us.” The SNL mainstay went on to say that he longed for the days when the most offensive thing she did was the Fantastic Beasts movies.

The SNL star claims there was no discrimination there because they harmed everyone equally. Davidson went on to joke that she was the type of person who wrote these epic books with all kinds of wizards, elves, and magic, but she couldn’t “wrap her head around Laverne Cox.”

Reportedly, Rowling has stated in the past that transgender activists can be harmful to women and that she believes that being a woman is more than just a whim.

Earlier in the year, JK Rowling used her Twitter account to poke fun at the use of LGBTQ+ language which said: “people who menstruate.” Rowling sarcastically asked if there used to be a word for that, but she was unsure what it was.

She joked, “wumben? wimpund? woomud.” During the same episode, Davidson and the rest of the cast and crew mocked the vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris amid Jack White’s musical performance.

Bill Burr, the Paper Tiger star, was also the host of the evening. Burr was put on blast in the media for his monologue which many on Twitter found offensive. During his stand-up routine, Burr joked that white women had been hijacking movements and making them all about them.

On Twitter, users came for Bill and accused him of being just a “white man” who had no right to comment on controversial issues. Other users, however, claimed his point was proven when the same kind of users got mad at him for pointing out the supposed fact of the matter.