Phaedra Parks Makes Fans Laugh With This Election-Related Message

Phaedra Parks Makes Fans Laugh With This Election-Related Message

Phaedra Parks just made her fans laugh with an election-related message that she shared on her social media account. Check it out below.

‘Me trying to figure out if I need to catch the Megabus to Nevada or just drive downtown to help count these votes 🤔 #vote2020 #2020 #election,’ Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Chile, go help Auntie & ‘name before they say to hell with GA…they taking too long!’ and another follower posted this message: ‘Girl!!! I’m in Nevada trying to see if they need my help, cause I got all night tonight !🤣🤣’

A follower said: ‘Chy it’s time 2 board that Megabus & pray we don’t break down on the way 😭😭🤣🤣’ and someone else posted this message: ‘Stop by Florida and pick me up…..I got FMLA to burn.’

Another commenter said: ‘Prolly take the same amount of time tbh,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘Like the casino is closed and The Strip is ghost Sis where is everybody ?! Get ta countin’! 🙏🏽’

Someone else posted this: ‘Please! Atlanta and Nevada! What’s taking so damn long? 🥵🙏⌛️📩🍸🍫’ and a commenter said: ‘You look so pretty! @phaedraparks Go help them out!’

In other news, Phaedra Parks offered her thoughts about 2020 to her fans and followers on her social media account.

She told people what remained constant for her, and you can check out the message that she shared below.

‘With all the uncertainty #2020 has brought, one thing has remained constant real friendships. #Loyalty always #wins ❣️👗@londoncouture.est90 📸: @freddyoart,’ Phaedra captioned her post.

Also, not too long ago, Phaedra celebrated her birthday, and she also made sure to share her gratitude to everyone who helped her celebrate.

Other than this, Phaedra is living her best life with her kids and family, and her fans could not be more pleased to know this.