Phaedra Parks Wants Unities For All Communities

Phaedra Parks Wants Unities For All Communities

Phaedra Parks is also congratulating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. She dropped a message and photo on her social media account in order to mark the event. Check out her post below.

Someone said: ‘This is how you start a Saturday 🙌🏽💪🏽’ and a follower said: ‘Now let’s win those Georgia Senate Seats, Sis.!.🙌.’

A follower said: ‘we are all screwed now. The fact that y’all really think that Biden and Harris care about the black people is crazy. I hope Trump fights it and wins, but if he doesn’t, they will only get four years of it.’

Someone else said: ‘Yup that’s a woman that’s incarcerated millions of our black men knowing they were innocent and a white man that created a crime bill that incarcerated million of our black lives this is what y’all happy for ??? Skin colour doesn’t mean Shit cause it didn’t matter to them y’all don’t know what u have done by voting these devils in! Get ready for the end of days. The media and Obama enticed all this. Watch the media say not one bad thing like they did trump y’all better wake TF UP cause shit is bigger than trump and was going on the way before his ass was president.’

Another follower said: ‘Should have been fired!!!!!…..God was listening!!!!’

Someone else posted this: ‘We did it!!!! Yesssss history is being made I am so so happy!!! Tears 😭 of joy! Blessed that my mom is here with me and crying! We are blessed God time is the best.’

A commenter said: ‘Let’s not get excited so soon, let’s see what he has to offer America first,’ and someone else said: ‘Lord knows we all need healing from this mess he has created.’

Phaedra Parks just shared a video that has her fans laughing like there’s no tomorrow in the comments. Check out the clip that she posted on her social media account.