Phaedra Parks Was Featured On The Doctors TV And Fans Could Not Get Enough Of Her

Phaedra Parks Was Featured On The Doctors TV And Fans Could Not Get Enough Of Her

Just the other day, Phaedra Parks made her fans excited with an announcement that she dropped on social media. Check it out below.

‘I’ll be on @TheDoctorsTV tomorrow! To find out when it’s on in your city, visit #TheDoctors #covid_19 #hypnosis 💆🏾‍♀️’ Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone told her: ‘I was in a really bad mood and turned on Bravo, saw your face and it definitely made me smile. You are on right now. 💛’ and one other follower said: ‘Somebody! 👀.. Is aging backwards but keeping all them secrets to herself 👀 lol #verybeautiful ❤️.’

One follower posted this: ‘Just set my DVR any chance I get to see you on my TV I’m happy,’ and another follower said: ‘Will make sure to look out for the episode!!!’

Someone else wrote: ‘Are you ever gonna return to RHOA sis. Definitely miss your iconic reads ❤️❤️🇿🇦,’ and another commenter posted: ‘Sis, I love you so much you are such an inspiration to all black women everywhere to do better for themselves.’

Another fan said: ‘One beautiful southern bell and an amazing beautiful black queen,’ and someone else posted this: ‘Gorgeous and Smart. What u give our maker gives right back.’

A fan wrote: ‘The Prettiest Woman in Georgia one of the Best Mom’s on the Planet and yes Smart too 🦋 🔥 💫.’

The other day, Phaedra made headlines when she mentioned a very important issue.

Phaedra Parks shared a really emotional message on her social media account in order to raise awareness about the case of Atatiana Jefferson. Check out her message and photos that she shared on her IG account.

‘Today marks the #anniversary of #AtatianaJefferson tragic #murder following her #neighbor requesting a #wellness call. She was a #college #graduate with #dreams of becoming a physician,’ she began her message that she posted on IG.

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