Pharrell Williams Says Rihanna Is In A ‘Different Place’ Right Now

Pharrell Williams Says Rihanna Is In A ‘Different Place’ Right Now

Pharrell Williams and Rihanna have been working together for many years, so if there is anyone who knows what’s going on behind the scenes with Riri, it’s Mr. Williams, Hot New Hip Hop reported today. The outlet reported on recent comments from Pharrell in which he addressed what Rihanna has been doing over the last couple of years.

Rihanna and Pharrell have hinted that he and his production team would likely make a few songs for her new project. Moreover, Rihanna has been avoiding questions on when she’ll be coming out with a new record, often choosing to instead tell jokes and dodge the remarks altogether.

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However, Pharrell has shined a light on what Rihanna has been doing, stating that the singer-songwriter was “from a different world.” He said she’s in a “different place” in her life at the moment.

Pharrell never explained anything about her new project, but he said that if it was possible to see what was going on on Venus, a person could probably see Rihanna “lying there naked.” As fans of Riri know, she hasn’t released a new record in what seems like ages.

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She has been working in the fashion industry a lot, however, which she has promoted on her Instagram and social media channels. With that said, she has come upon hard times from her fans, including when she accidentally insulted the Muslim community when she used a religious aphorism during one of her fashion shows.

Rihanna, responding to some of the backlash on the internet, had to come out and say sorry. In fact, even Royce Da 5’9″, who is a practicing Muslim, came out to praise Rihanna for owning up to her mistakes and apologizing for what she did.

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Royce, a frequent collaborator with Eminem, then went on to slam Vlad from Vlad TV at the same time for comments he had made regarding Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam. Louis has been accused of promoting a “black supremacist ideology” and also hatred against the Jews.

Regarding Rihanna’s new album, it’s not clear when it will come out but Pharrell says that the singer-songwriter is on another wave right now.