Pick Your Favorite Iconic Sisters To Find Out If You’re More “evermore” Or “folklore”

Pick Your Favorite Iconic Sisters To Find Out If You’re More “evermore” Or “folklore”

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Pick Your Favorite Iconic Sisters To Find Out If You’re More “evermore” Or “folklore”

*cries in cottagecore* *screams in soft lullabies* *throws self to the base of a willow tree by a reflection pool at midnight*

Who do you prefer, Hallie or Annie from The Parent Trap?



Kendall or Kylie?

    a woman wears a t-shirt and faces toward the camera, putting on a puffy winter jacket. she has a relaxed face, long hair, and large hoop earrings

    a woman wearing a long straight wig leans her chest to the left, and she is facing the camera. her face is relaxed.


Liv or Maddie?

    a woman with shoulder-length curly hair wears a leather t-shirt and many metal necklaces. she is smiling in a relaxed manner, teeth showing, and her eyes are relaxed

    a preteen with long, straight hair wears a basketball jersey. her hands are on her hips and she is in front of lockers, smiling in a relaxed manner.


Are you an Anna or Elsa fan?

    an animated girl with bangs and a long-sleeved dress stands in front of a forest. her brows are furrowed as if worried

    a woman with a long braid looks up to the sky, brows raised and mouth slightly open so you can see her top teeth. she wears a long-sleeved dress and is in a snowstorm


Lilo or Nani?

    a young girl around 6-8 years old with long straight hair wears a lei and hula outfit. she has a flower in her hair and she is dancing

    a teenage girl around 16-19 with long wavy hair has her lips pulled to one side of her face, lips pursed. she stands with her left arm bent, finger pointed


Do you relate more to Kat or Bianca from 10 Things I Hate About You?



Camryn or Alex?

    a teenage girl around 18-19 looks up at the camera, brows raised and mouth closed. she has curly hair

    a girl aged 18-19 looks up at the camera, brows raised, mouth pursed. she wears a large, wide headband


Finally…are you more of a Mary-Kate or Ashley?

    a woman with pursed lips and long, wavy hair stares at the camera

    a woman with large eyes and long wavy hair looks at the camera


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