Plot Details For The Next Wes Anderson Movie Starring Tom Hanks And Steve Carell Have Been Revealed

One of the most renowned directors in the film industry, Wes Anderson will be coming out with another project at an unconfirmed date in 2022, and fans of the director are as excited as they can be. The upcoming project is titled Asteroid City and has been described as “a poetic meditation on the meaning of life.”

The film has a star-studded cast consisting of the likes of Margot Robbie, Steve Carell , and both Rita Wilson and her husband Tom Hanks . All hitters there and it’s hard to go wrong with a cast so talented.

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The plot details for the movie have been revealed and they are as follows:

The film will take place in a fictional American Desert town in 1955, where a Junior Stargazer Convention would be taking place. The convention will bring together students and parents from all over the United States for scholarly competition, rest, recreation, comedy, drama, romance, and more,

While the setting of the film is a fictional American Town the actual shooting locations of the film were in Madrid, Spain. The film has already wrapped up shooting way back in November of 2021 and right about now should probably be in the final touches phase.

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Wes Anderson is known for making some of the most renowned classics in the industry including The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and most recently The French Dispatch. With such an impressive resume, fans are expecting another classic from Mr. Anderson and by the sound of the plot and the powerhouse cast which has been confirmed, it looks like this movie will deliver.

Wes Anderson is known for bringing the best and also the most unique performances out of actors. He has done so with many big names in the industry such as Ralph Fiennes, Willem Dafoe, Bill Murray, and many many others. Will Asteroid City be another occasion where top-tier actors such as Tom Hanks and Steve Carell end up giving one of the best performances of their life? Only time will tell.