Princess Diana – Here’s How ‘The Crown’ Recreated Her Most Memorable Looks Including Her Wedding Dress!

Princess Diana – Here’s How ‘The Crown’ Recreated Her Most Memorable Looks Including Her Wedding Dress!

As fans know, the fourth season of The Crown, marked the debut of Princess Diana, played by Emma Corrin. The brand new season, which is set from 1979 to 1990 is all about Lady Diana Spencer’s introduction into the Royal family, shows her tumultuous marriage with Prince Charles but also spotlights a lot of her most iconic looks!

That being said, costume designer Amy Roberts and assistant costume designer Sidonie Roberts have recreated around 80 pieces for the character.

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This includes no less than 17 outfits that she wore on her 1983 tour of Australia with Prince Charles but also an amazing replica of her wedding dress which is nearly identical to the original one which was made under the guidance of the actual designer, David Emanuel.

The wedding dress apparently took a total of 10 people to help the actress put on as it includes a 25-foot silk train and a 153-yard-long veil!

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Regardless, Corrin made it very clear that the wedding dress was definitely her favorite piece of recreated fashion she had to wear for the role

‘I do actually think it was the wedding dress because it’s so spectacular that it kind of can’t compete. I just loved going in and there’d be, like, a new incredible costume hanging in my trailer. It was mad,’ she shared for ET.

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While the fashion and iconic haircut were very important, the series creators were even happier with the fact that the 24 year old actress totally channels the same spirit as the iconic Lady Di.

And there was a moment she realized that herself on set: ‘I was sitting behind a mirror and there was a picture behind me for reference and I remember tilting my head the same way during the wig fitting and everyone just going, ‘Ohhhh.’