Quavo Shows The IG Message That Led To His Relationship With Saweetie

Quavo Shows The IG Message That Led To His Relationship With Saweetie

Page Six says that Quavo, from Migos, recently revealed the Instagram direct message that he sent to Saweetie which wound up leading to their romance. In March of 2018, the 29-year-old rapper messaged Saweetie on the ‘Gram with a snowflake emoji.

Saweetie kicked back with a picture of a bowl of ramen, and then went on to tell her that she was so “icy” that she was turning him into a “glacier boy.” The Migos artist posted a picture of the Instagram conversation and captioned it with the message, “HOW I PULLED UP: HOW WE COMING.”

Quavo and the 26-year-old have since been in a relationship, and sources say their romance is going really well, including Saweetie, herself, who spoke with Page Six recently about how great her sex life was with him.

Amid the coronavirus quarantine earlier this year, Saweetie did an interview with Page Six in which she said she and Quavo weren’t going to have children anytime soon. They’re not ready for it at the moment, so they’re practicing “safe sex.”

Saweetie said she never had present parents when she was growing up, and as a result, her grandparents raised her. She claimed it’s important for her to have the time to make sure her kids get the attention and love they deserve, and she simply doesn’t have that right now.

As for what Quavo has been up to lately, the rapper was recently in the headlines after he touched on the death of the up and coming rapper, Pop Smoke, who was shot and killed at the start of the year before the pandemic took hold of the world.

Quavo, who was featured on a number of the tracks, said that he and Pop Smoke had a conversation about success and making the right decisions, but Quavo didn’t give him the proper advice on how to spend his money, specifically related to housing.

During a chat with Complex, Quavo said he regretted not giving Pop Smoke different advice. The rapper appeared on three of Pop Smoke’s songs off his posthumous record, including, “Aim For The Moon,” “West Coast S**t,” and “Snitching.”