Queen Elizabeth II has specified Prince Charles as her successor

Queen Elizabeth II has specified Prince Charles as her successor

Now that the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II is over, British journalists are again wondering if the Queen plans to part with her powers.

And although she has not yet officially resigned, many media representatives are sure that the process of transferring power has already begun.

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It turns out that back in April 2018, Elizabeth II turned to the heads of government of the Commonwealth countries with an official request to recognize her son Prince Charles as the successor to the Throne.

“It is my sincere wish that the Commonwealth uphold the stability and continuity of power for future generations and accept that Prince Charles will one day continue the important work that my father began in 1949.”, she emphasized during an official meeting at Buckingham Palace. The Queen expressed her hope that Prince Charles would continue her life’s work, adding:

Prince Charles is the first in a long list of heirs to the Throne second place, by the way, is occupied by Prince William, so this statement by the Queen cannot be called unexpected.

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It is a truly historic day for Prince Charles, who delivered his first solemn speech during the traditional opening ceremony of the British Parliament. It is worth noting that the event was also attended by his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, and son Prince William.

It is known that the celebration took place in Westminster Abbey, and before the meeting, the British authorities were notified that Elizabeth II would not attend the ceremony due to health problems.

However, she had not previously spoken of him as the official leader of the Commonwealth countries, so this event can be called significant for the future king.

Royal experts are confident that although Her Majesty is not going to relinquish her powers in the coming months, she plans to significantly limit her public activity as monarch.

Roberta Fiorito, co-host of the popular podcast Royally Obsessed, was surprised that Elizabeth II went out to the people twice during the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee. Roberta says it was “just a reminder of how rare it is to see her in public these days.”