Rasheeda Frost Gets Backlash Following This Video – See What Kirk Frost Gave Her

Rasheeda Frost Gets Backlash Following This Video – See What Kirk Frost Gave Her

Rasheeda Frost just received a gift from her hubby, Kirk Frost,, and her lack of enthusiasm had fans criticizing her. Check out the video that he shared on his social media account to see what’s this all about.

‘Ok so after 3 years of the Bentayga @rasheeda wanted a upgrade 🥰’ Kirk captioned his post.

Someone said that ‘Rasheeda deserves whatever she wants,’ and more people agreed.

A sad person said this: ‘Congratulations I just love y’all but damn I have lost my job of 15 years due to Covid so I’m feeling hurt watching this video 😩😩 I can’t do anything 🤷🏽‍♀️but congratulations Rasheeda, I love me some Rasheeda.’

A follower noted this: ‘No enthusiasm lol okay 🤣’ and more people criticized Rasheeda for her reaction or, better said, her lack of reaction.

A fan believes: ‘Damn right and she definitely deserves it,’ and someone else posted this: ‘An upgrade during a pandemic well y’all business must be financially sustaining 👏🏽 love it 😍.’

Someone else said: ‘I really dig y’all relationship. What y’all shared has been a lot but y’all bosses up and got it together an got to the bag 💰💰💰💰. You really are a inspiration and strong lesson.’

A commenter posted this: ‘All the stuff Kirk put her through, he needs to get her whatever she wants,’ and someone else said: ‘Congratulations Rasheeda! enjoy your new ride girl.’

Recently, it’s been revealed that Rasheeda Frost and Kirk celebrated their son’s birthday.

Both parents posted all kinds of messages and clips on their social media accounts in order to mark this important event.

Check out Rasheeda’s outfit for the birthday dinner!

Rasheeda celebrated the birthday of her firstborn, Ky Frost. She shared a video, and an emotional message on her social media account in order to mark this event.

Fans wished the young boy all the best.