Rasheeda Frost Proudly Praises MVP Kamala Harris – Read Her Message

Rasheeda Frost Proudly Praises MVP Kamala Harris – Read Her Message

Rasheeda Frost is praising Kamala Harris after her and Joe Biden’s success. Check out the message that she dropped on her social media account below.

Someone said: ‘Not only the first woman to have a seat at the head, but she’s the first black woman to have a seat at the head.’


A commenter posted this: ‘This woman has been locking up people specifically from the black community and abusing her powers within the justice system for years she’s not with yall she wants you to think she is so she can have your trust.’

Someone else wrote: ‘Way to go, so proud. This is A great day. Blessings from The Bahamas!’

Another follower moted: ‘She’s not black. Her mom is not black. Her dad isn’t black either. She identified herself as an Indian back when she was a prosecutor. She doesn’t represent me.’

One commenter said: ‘How about woman magic period !!!!! All woman are beautiful, strong able !!!!’

Someone else wrote: ‘Yes!!! Thank You GA🙏🏽 you came through,’ and another follower said: ‘Biden and Harris ❤️❤️president and Vice President 🙏.’

A follower posted this: ‘Blessed pressed down shaken together and runneth over,’ and a fan said: ‘Funny, when she won Senator, she was the first Indian American.🧐🧐 weird how she changes that.’

One other follower posted this message: ‘Do your research she gave plenty of blacks death penalty,’ and a fan said: ‘I hope she does a better job then she did as attorney General. Did anybody look her up in California.’

Someone else posted this: ‘If we spent as much time trying to separate rather doing all this integrating we would make our own history💯 but It’s a win for all integrated negros everywhere.’

Rasheeda Frost is sharing a really fun workout video on her social media account.