Reginae Carter Addresses Her Recent Boob Job Ahead Of Her 22nd Birthday

Reginae Carter Addresses Her Recent Boob Job Ahead Of Her 22nd Birthday

Reginae Carter made herself an amazing 22nd-anniversary gift – she got a boob job, and she could not be happier with the result. Some people criticized her for doing this, saying that she was amazing before the surgery as well.

But, as you probably know by now, Nae used to be bullish for her tiny breasts, and this definitely makes her feel more confident. Anyway, let’s check out what she had to say about the whole thing.

The Shade Room drops more news about the issue.

TSR notes that in a recent interview with People, Nae made sure to address her breast implants and spoke about always having confidence.

She addressed her cosmetic procedure and said that that she always wanted to ‘enhance’ but her mom, Toya Johnson was never happy about this choice.

‘I’ve wanted to enhance my boobs since I was like 16, 17,’ Nae said.

She continued and explained this: ‘But my mom was always like, ‘Girl, no, just wait until you have your first child because you don’t know how everything’s going to be.’ I’m 21 now, so she was like, ‘I can’t tell you what to do. You look perfect the way you are, but it’s whatever you want to do.’ So I finally got to do it, and I’m so excited about it.’

She also joked and said: ‘I also said I’d never get a wig before, and here I am.’

A follower said: ‘She’s the one who said she would never get surgery because she loves herself..I guess she had to explain the change of heart.’

Another follower said: ‘Toya said “girl go do what you want and get out my face” 😭😭’ and someone else said: ‘It’s the fact that she tried to speak negatively on plastic surgery until she chooses to go that route.’

One other commenter said: ‘Her body wasnt even done developing believe it or not. Smh,’ Why does she keep talking about these implants? And why do y’all keep posting it?’

What do you think about Nae’s look?

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