Reginae Carter Demands A ‘Public Apology’ From All Trump Supporters After Her Dad Lil Wayne Became One!

Reginae Carter Demands A ‘Public Apology’ From All Trump Supporters After Her Dad Lil Wayne Became One!

Reginae Carter made it very clear that those who support Donald Trump are just as much to blame for the country’s current situation in a new post. That being said, she demanded that they apologize for simply being Trump supporters ‘right now!’

This comes after her very own dad, rapper Lil Wayne, showed support to the POTUS, much to the shock of people online.

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His 21 year old daughter, however, could not be any more Liberal so she obviously supports Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden!

On her IG Stories, Reginae wrote following Trump’s White House press conference that: ‘After hearing this last press conference by Trump, if you supported him in any way you should give us a Public apology like right now. That was embarrassing.’

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As mentioned before, fans were not surprised to see her shading Trump, especially since she showed her support for Joe Biden just a couple of days ago.

At the time, she reposted a post by Dominique DeFillo, in which she also backed the Democratic candidate.

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The star was actually pretty happy about it and responded soon after, writing: ‘Girl Wayne voted for trump, but his daughter posted my BIIIIIDENNNNN tweet yesterday. I stan lol.’

Sure enough, the rapper has been on Trump’s side lately, making many headlines over his pic with the president and his opinion of him.

Alongside the Trump selfie, Lil Wayne wrote: ‘Just had a great meeting with [Trump] besides what he has done with criminal reform, the platinum plan’s going to give the community real ownership.’

The backlash was quick to come and there are even rumors that his girlfriend, Denise Bidot, dumped him because of it!

‘I live the way that I love and love the way I live. I am a lover not a lighter [because] they burn out. I’m an eternal fire and burning love, either leave with a tan, a 3rd degree burn, or stay and die in love. You are sweating. Sincerely, the fireman,’ he tweeted amid the rumors, only adding to the suspicions regarding his love life.