Roddy Ricch Addresses Negative News Reports – Suggests That The Rumors Surrounding His Unpaid Rent Are Untrue

Roddy Ricch Addresses Negative News Reports – Suggests That The Rumors Surrounding His Unpaid Rent Are Untrue

For the most part, Roddy Ricch has completely avoided being in the limelight. Although, he has managed to find himself in the headlines a couple of times over the last few months, including when it was reported that he was having landlord issues over allegedly unpaid rent.

Hot New Hip Hop says that just this past week, old landlords of Roddy’s came out to say he had owned them $200,000 in unpaid rent, before going on to say that he caused a lot of “chatter” among his fans. On the 1st of December, Roddy responded to the allegations.

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The Blast was the first to report that Ricch’s former landlord, AIM Property Investment Incorporated, sued him for not returning the property in the way it was given to him. More importantly, the property was severely damaged and he never paid $200,000 in rent.

As the story goes, Roddy inhabited the Encino, California, home in April of 2020 but by the time July came around, he had stopped paying the rent because he left. Roddy gave up the home in August and said he didn’t want to pay the rent anymore.

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The landlord has stated that he signed a lease in which Roddy agreed to pay the rent for a year, but he wound up staying there for only a couple of months. The landlord now wants to be paid the rest of the year for the house because it was in the contract that the young rapper signed.

Fast forward to today, and Roddy took to his Instagram account to say that everyone believed in “too much fake news,” before going on to say it was the number one reason why he stayed away from the “internet s**t.”

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Ricch told his fans the number one most important thing people should remember is his personal accomplishments, including being nominated at the Grammys “9 times,” the rapper claimed, and also where he came from.

As it was previously reported, Roddy’s former landlord dropped a lawsuit on the rapper this past week, ending a long streak in which the rapper’s name has been out of the headlines.