Ron Jeremy Sued By Longtime Friend For Sexual Assault – She Says Ron Thinks Of Women As Mere ‘Toys’

Ron Jeremy Sued By Longtime Friend For Sexual Assault – She Says Ron Thinks Of Women As Mere ‘Toys’

On Thursday, Ron Jeremy, the embattled adult film star, was struck with yet another civil lawsuit for sexually assaulting an old friend of his while at a Los Angeles hotel, Page Six reported today.

Charity Carson said in a LA County Superior Court that Jeremy once pinned her up against a wall, groped her breasts, and attempted to coerce her into touching his genitalia. Variety was the first to pick up on the civil suit against Jeremy which comes alongside a slew of very serious sexual abuse charges.

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The lawsuit states that Carson was screaming, yelling, and doing everything in her power to get away from him. She eventually was able to break free and leave the room.

Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, who has used the name, Ron Jeremy, for years, has been charged with 35 counts of rape, assault, and other crimes. Jeremy has been accused of assaulting 22 other women, including Carson, over the course of 25 years.

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During a conversation with the New York Post, the 44-year-old, Carson, from Florida, said she and Ron were close for 25 years, which was part of the reason why it was so shocking. Carson claimed the incident happened six months ago, and it took her a long time to finally decide to come forward with her story.

Back in June, Carson claimed Ron was a “sexual predator” who viewed women as mere sex objects, or “toys.” Ron Jeremy is currently being held on a $6.6 million bond after a decades-long career in which he starred in over 2,000 films.

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If he is convicted for all of the crimes, he could be looking at 330 years in prison, the LA DA’s office reported. Either way, the allegations came as a shocking surprise to many of his fans, considering Ron’s iconic status in popular culture.

However, those who knew him, primarily women, claimed Ron’s reputation and the way he behaved toward women was awful. One acquaintance insinuated it was out of the ordinary if a woman came into contact with him and wasn’t groped or touched inappropriately.