Rubi Rose Says There Is More ‘Depth’ To Her – She’s Not Just A ‘Gangsta’ Girl

Rubi Rose Says There Is More ‘Depth’ To Her – She’s Not Just A ‘Gangsta’ Girl

Rubi Rose likes to act like she has merely fallen into the lap of fame, but the rapper has worked hard to get where she is today. Hot New Hip Hop says the 22-year-old performing artist has been all over the headlines lately, making waves for not only her talent as an artist but also her relationships as well.

According to the outlet, Rubi has become the target of social media commenters who claim she is just a pretty face who is trying to make it as a rapper, but Rubi is a lot more than that, the artist explained. For instance, earlier in the year, she earned her bachelor’s degree at Georgia State University.

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Rubi Rose touched on how her public image is to be “like the gangsta sexy girl just talking s**t,” but there is a lot more to her than that. Rose said what she posts on social media is part of her personality as well, but there is another side to her.

Fans of Rose will remember when she famously appeared in the music video for Migos’ “Bad and Boujee,” but these days, she’s releasing single after single with some of the biggest rappers in the game, including NLE Choppa and Wiz Khalifa, just to name a few.

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Additionally, she was in the music video for Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s song, “WAP.” As for when she intends on releasing her first LP, the rapper, who has 2 million followers on Instagram, stayed relatively mum on the subject. She doesn’t want to reveal too much yet.

Regarding why she has managed to make it to the top, Rubi explained that it’s because she’s “real and raw,” and everything about her is authentic. She stated that her body, her personality; everything about her is genuine.

As for her haters? Rubi said that it doesn’t matter what people have to say because they’re not the ones who pay her bills. The hate from people on the internet came especially hard after it was revealed she had made around $100,000 from her OnlyFans account.