Ryan Gosling has changed beyond recognition in the image of Ken

Ryan Gosling has changed beyond recognition in the image of Ken

The network has the first photos of the actor from the filming of the new film.

41-year-old Ryan Gosling once again fell in love with everyone last Wednesday, appearing in front of fans in the image of Ken on the set of the romantic comedy “Barbie” directed by Greta Gerwig.

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In the first photo, like Ken, Gosling poses in an unbuttoned denim vest, showing six-pack abs, and in jeans. For the role, the actor radically changed his image: as befits a Barbie guy, he transformed into a bright blond.

From under Gosling’s jeans, the name of the character is clearly visible, written on the line of underwear, and from the relaxed posture and winking eyes, the actor’s obvious resemblance to a toy Ken is noticeable.

The photo, which was on the Internet for less than a day, made a splash. Admiring fans continue to leave thousands of comments on social networks: “Ryan Gosling as Ken is perfect.”

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Recall that the premiere of the romantic comedy “Barbie” is scheduled for 2023, but for now, the film crew continues to stir up interest with new shots. Photos of Margot Robbie starring as a Barbie doll surfaced earlier this year, but plot details are still unknown.

In a previous post, Gosling initially turned down the role. However, the producers were more persistent, the shooting was delayed, and the actor eventually agreed.

Margot Robbie will play the Barbie doll in Greta Gerwig’s film. The creator also wrote the original script for the tape with her partner Noah Baumbach.

Filming is financed by Warner Bros. Plot details have not been revealed. It is only known that the film will tell an atypical story of the relationship between two dolls in love.

Previously, Margot Robbie confirmed that the project would be original and exciting, thanks to the screenwriter.