Safaree Shows Off His Latest Piece Of Jewelry – See The Video

Safaree Shows Off His Latest Piece Of Jewelry – See The Video

Safaree is showing his fans and followers on social media the most recent piece of jewelry that he got. Check out the video of the gorgeous piece below.

‘Unboxing this beautiful @stinghd bracelet! True elegance and sophistication! Salute @spjeweler for this heat! I’m definitely gonna need every color‼️‼️‼️’ Safaree captioned his post.

A follower said: ‘Sean knows how to do it!! Wear it in great health!’ and someone else posted this message: ‘it’s gorgeous, great you got that!’

In other news, Safaree had a terrible complaint about a company. Check out the post that he shared the other day:

‘Call them and ask why their service is so bad!!! 770-458-2510 THE LAZIEST!! If you have to move in the Georgia Atlanta area DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! Georgia pack & load is the WORST MOVING COMPANY IN THE HISTORY OF MOVING MANKIND‼️‼️‼️ I just started unpacking, and the way my stuff was packed is APPALLING!!’ Safaree captioned the post.

Someone told him: ‘Call the company and speak with a manager expressing your dissatisfaction if they are will to deal with you in a manner pleasing to you then this is not necessary because this could now cause layoff meaning someone body’s family out of bread, so deal with it differently kindness goes a long way..,,,I love you Safaree, stay safe.’

A follower said: ‘Honey bashing them on the internet is only gone get you sued.’

Someone told Erica Mena‘s hubby, ‘You should have done your research now you want people to call them and harass them that’s not how it works they didn’t do a good job just don’t use them anymore but calling them to ask them anything it’s ridiculous.’

Safaree raises awareness about a vital subject these days – mental health. We’re living some pretty stressful and dark times, and it seems that mental health has never been more important.

Check out the message that Safaree just posted on his social media account about the subject.