Scott Baio Reminds People ‘Trump Is Still Your President’ As Donald Trump Refuses To Concede

Scott Baio Reminds People ‘Trump Is Still Your President’ As Donald Trump Refuses To Concede

Scott Baio is using his public platform to remind people that Donald Trump is still the president and will be until January 20, 2021. Growing speculation surrounds the Trump administration as President Trump does not recognize the election results as valid, has demanded a recount in multiple states and aims to take his case to the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden has called President Donald Trump‘s refusal to concede embarrassing and has said Trump is leaving a poor legacy. There are still many steps that need to be taken before Joe Biden takes office in 2021, despite whether Trump’s case is heard in the nation’s highest court. On January 6, 2021, the House and Senate will count the electoral votes for a final tally. On that day, it will be Vice President Mike Pence who will announce the winner.

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If there is an issue with the electoral votes and criteria is met, it will be the House who decides who is president.

Scott Baio, who is one of Hollywood’s most vocal supporters of President Trump, is reminding people that Trump still holds the office and the election isn’t over yet.

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He shared the following tweet with his 504,000 Twitter followers and included the message ‘God bless President Trump and God bless America.’

Scott Baio supported President Trump’s run for reelection and spoke at the LA WalkAway rally that was held in Beverly Hills, California, on August 8, 2020. Walk Away events are designed to encourage Democrats to “walk away” from their party. Brandon Straka founded the WalkAway movement.

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During his speech, he thanked law enforcement for their service and shared a bit about why he supports Donald Trump.

In addition to Scott Baio, other celebrities who spoke at the event include Joy Villa and Lorenzo Lamas.

Scott wore a tee-shirt with former president Ronald Reagan’s face with an American flag bandana as a headband.

You may watch Scott Baio’s speech from the Rescue America Rally/WalkAway Rally in the video player below.

What do you think about Scott Baio’s speech? Are you surprised that President Donald Trump is refusing to concede?

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