Scott Disick Faces Tough Luck; Breaks Up With Girlfriend Just As Ex Kourtney Gets Married

Scott Disick Faces Tough Luck; Breaks Up With Girlfriend Just As Ex Kourtney Gets Married

The Kardashians have gained a lot of attention for years due to their hit show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. The whole world knows about the family and all their little moments as they aired on the show.

Scott Disick was prominently known on the show as Kourtney Kardashians husband (now ex-husband) for years. The two had a different dynamic while they were together. The couple ended their long term relationship a few years ago.

Kourtney recently married musician Travis Barker, while Scott was dating model Rebecca Donaldson. However, just weeks after the marriage of Kourtney, word has gotten out that Scott has broken up with Donaldson just two months after they first begun dating. However, it seems the two were casually dating and were never serious to begin with.

The two were first seen together enjoying a lunch date in LA in April. Now that the two have broken up, sources close to Scott say that he is out looking for someone to date again. Word is that Scott has a lot of numbers of different girls and frequently hits them up. Scott has always been known for his flirty character but this has increased over the years.

Sources also say that Scott DM’s random girls and leaves flirty comments.

This was shown recently on an Instagram interaction between Scott and his ex-fling Holly Scarfone. She was seen modelling a piece from Scott’s brand but in the caption she wrote ‘oh Lord she’s @talentless’ and Scott’s reply to her on the post was “I can think of a few talents you have right off the top of my head, no pun intended.” Fans went crazy after their interaction.

His most recent posts show that he’s perfectly happy as a single man. Rebecca herself seems like she’s doing just fine. She is posting pictures on Instagram and both seem like they’re perfectly happy even without each other. While the world would love to make a connection between Kourtney’s recent marriage and Scott’s recent break up, it seems both of them are walking their own lanes perfectly content.