Selena Quintanilla’s Sister And Husband Have Weighed In On The New Netflix Series About Her Life

Selena Quintanilla’s Sister And Husband Have Weighed In On The New Netflix Series About Her Life

    Selena Quintanilla’s Sister And Husband Have Weighed In On The New Netflix Series About Her Life

    To the surprise of absolutely nobody, we have a lot of feelings.

    Selena: The Series

    Netflix’s newest hit is Selena: The Series , about the life of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez and her rise to becoming the queen of Tejano music.

    Opening scene and I’m already crying. Selena: The Series is now on Netflix.

    The show focuses on Selena’s youth and the formation of Selena y Los Dinos, the family band formed by her father/manager Abraham Quintanilla.

    Looots of people are watching it, making it the No. 1 Netflix show in the U.S.


    As you might expect with such an important cultural icon as Selena, there are a lot of feelings about this on-screen representation.

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    Some folks were happy to see this new version of her story, and appreciated the love Selena still gets after so many years.

    who’s ready to watch Selena on Netflix #SelenaTheSeries #SelenaTheSeries @netflix

    Selena touched and changed so many people’s lives, including mine. It is so beautiful to see all the love for her 💜 @selena_netflix #SelenaNetflix

    Selena inspired so many of us 🙏🏽 So glad we continue celebrating her @selena_netflix @netflix We miss you …

    Yo, llegando a la sala de mi casa para ver la serie de Selena en Netflix

    “Me, getting home to watch the Selena series on Netflix.”

    But other people thought the show was far from perfect.

    Me, precisely 11 minutes and 22 seconds into this Selena series on Netflix.

    Hmmm netflix why y’all doing my girl Selena like this…

    I was really rooting for the Selena series on Netflix. The lip syncing was so bad. The wigs where bad. Also how you going to start the series off with a concert in Chicago but use the audio clearly from Selena’s last live at the Houston Astrodome?

    I really am trying to watch this Selena Netflix series, I really am, BUT THESE WIGS. THEY ARE DISRESPECTFUL TO MY LEGEND!

    The wigs, in particular, were not appreciated.

    Some people felt that the show could never live up to the standard set by the 1997 film Selena, in which the legendary singer was played by Jennifer Lopez.

    Im upset because I really want to like Netflix Selena but it just isn’t it, I expect way more. Nothing is going to top Selena the movie. #selenatheseries 🤍

    I appreciate the new Netflix series & we have enjoyed watching it as a family, but Jennifer Lopez’s portrayal of Selena was iconic. I wish the industry gave her as much love for that as they did for Hustlers.

    However, the biggest issue people had was with the white-washing of Selena herself, who is played by Christian Serratos in the series.

    Selena Quintanilla was a brown skinned Mexican American woman NOT a white woman of Italian/Mexican descent with eurocentric features. Also the Queen of Tex-Mex music was NOT this thin. Do better @netflix #SelenaNetflix

    Netflix really white washed Selena & people are defending it?! Selena had indigenous features & a lot of brown girls looked up to her! Shame on Netflix & shame on everyone thinking white washing her is ok! #SelenaNetflix #selenatheseries

    Is the only way our Latinx stories get told is by white washing them? Look, I understand that Mexicans come in all different colors. Selena was a brown skin queen with beautiful Mexican features,she was morenita. Don’t take that away from us #selenatheseries @selena_netflix

    These critiques raise a very valid and important point about Latinx representation in media, which is overwhelmingly white and overlooks Black and Indigenous Latinx people.

    Despite the criticisms, two people showing their support for the show are Selena’s sister Suzette Quintanilla and Selena’s husband Chris Pérez.


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    Suzette and her father Abraham, who are both depicted on the show, are executive producers on the project and presumably gave their approval of its portrayal of their family.

    Chris was not involved in the show, but shared a long message about his appreciation of the Quintanilla family and the music they made together.


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    Selena and Chris were married for three years before her death in 1995.


    When asked about his lack of involvement in the show, Chris said , “I’m not trying to not be a part of anything. At the end of the day, we all have our perspective on certain things and how things happened […] There’s not much more I want to say, and that’s the God-honest truth.”


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    There you have it! Lots of opinions. Lucky for you, you can check out the show and decide for yourself!

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