Several World Of Warcraft Events Coincide To Make This Week Wonderful For Leveling Characters!

Several World Of Warcraft Events Coincide To Make This Week Wonderful For Leveling Characters!

If you’ve been waiting to level a toon, or if you’ve just run out of things to do while you wait for November 23rd to bring the drop of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Blizzard has you covered this week!

There are a few hits coming to leveling toons, but overall, the leveling squish and the Chromie Time mechanics have made it so that leveling characters has never been faster. Now, Blizzard seems intent on making sure it’s even easier than before.

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Two events are overlapping this week that bring a sizeable bonus to experience gained for players. The first, as we’ve discussed previously, is the experience buff given to players as part of the anniversary celebration event that began today.

Originally set to occur on November 23rd, the actual 16th anniversary of World of Warcraft‘s release, Blizzard moved the event up to begin today and end just before Shadowlands drops, on the 22nd. This stops the experience/reputation buff from interfering with the expansion’s balancing.

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That means that players are able to spend the rest of prepatch before the expansion drops with a 16% bonus to their experience! This bonus also applies to reputation gains, which won’t quite level you faster, but can unlock some solid rewards.

Additionally, the Darkmoon Faire moved into town on the Retail servers today, making it so that players are able to access another experience buff. Through riding the rollercoaster or carousel, or by using a Darkmoon Tophat, players can grab another 10% experience buff.

That means that an easy 26% increase to experience is available until the Darkmoon Faire ends on the coming 7th, with the 16% sticking around. If you’re savvy, though, there are a few other experience buffs!

Players can also turn on Warmode to unlock a 10% – or 25%, depending on your faction and server – experience buff. This buff stacks with the two mentioned above, making leveling move significantly faster.

If you want to compound it to further heights, you can also grab a Draught of Ten Lands in Battle for Azeroth, unlocking another 10% experience buff! With all of these combined, experience gain is at a minimum of a 46% buff, increased to 61% if your Warmode gives you 25%.

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Taking advantage of all of these experience buffs is a fantastic way to get your new character up to 50 before the Shadowlands open up on November 23rd. If you’ve been waiting for your chance to level another toon, now is the best time you’ll get for quite a while!