Sharon Osbourne Says She And Ozzy Sleep Together ‘2-3 Times Per Week’

Sharon Osbourne Says She And Ozzy Sleep Together ‘2-3 Times Per Week’

According to Sharon Osbourne, she and Ozzy still sleep together on a regular basis, even though they’ve been married for 38 years and they’re both seniors. Page Six picked up on comments from Sharon this week in which she touched on her sex life with the iconic rocker.

During an episode of The Talk, the 67-year-old co-host explained how she and Ozzy were still sleeping together at least 2-3 times per week after initially sleeping together several times per day. Sharon kicked off her remarks by saying everyone knew “Ozzy was way oversexed.”

The star joked on the CBS show that Ozzy had “enough for all,” however, regarding her romantic life with him, Sharon said it was around 2-3 times per week now. Sharon claimed it was “normal” for a long-term relationship, especially one as long as theirs.

Sharon went on to say that when “speaking for the older” women, it’s important to note the highs and lows, and wherever you are with your partner, it’s all part of loving each other and getting used to the changes that come with age.

As fans of the couple know, Ozzy and Sharon first tied the knot back in 1982 and they had three children together, including Jack, Kelly, and Aimee. Aimee is 37-years-old, Kelly is 35, and Jack is 34-years-old. Ozzy has three other kids with his ex-wife, Thelma Riley.

If Ozzy’s sex-drive is anything like his passion for performance, it’s clear the rocker may go on forever. During a recent chat with The Mirror, the former Black Sabbath frontman touched on his recent cascade of health problems as well as his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

The star claimed to the outlet that despite his medical issues, he’ll continue to perform until he’s dead. Not only has Ozzy been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, but he has also injured his back.

The star got into an accident on an ATV which left him in severe pain in the aftermath. Regardless, Ozzy said he’ll never give up performing because the feeling was better than an “orgasm.”