Sharon Stone Says Her Dating Life Has Changed A Lot – It’s More Like A ‘Comedy’ Now

Sharon Stone Says Her Dating Life Has Changed A Lot – It’s More Like A ‘Comedy’ Now

Sharon Stone became an icon instantaneously for her scene in the 1992 thriller starring herself and Michael Douglas, Basic Instinct. Even though her reputation in the industry at that time in her life was to be one of the sexiest women on screen, the star joked to Closer Weekly that her dating life isn’t as hot as it used to be.

The actress said to the outlet that her dating life nowadays was more like a “comedy” than anything else. Additionally, Stone says she was booted off of Bumble last year because the moderators and other users didn’t believe it was really her.

The 62-year-old joked with the publication that she wishes she would’ve just stayed off of it. Now that she’s older, Stone says she’s a lot more selective in terms of who she dates and also how she goes about it. The star says a person has to “choose” how they age.

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Regarding her reputation as a s*x symbol, Stone says it’s something she was never able to get rid of. The star went on to compare her own situation to that of Marilyn Monroe, whom Stone claims wasn’t able to get rid of it either despite doing a few serious roles during her short career.

Back in February, the actress announced she was looking to start dating again. During her chat with reporters from Entertainment Tonight, Stone said she had her account on Bumble restored as well and she was ready to start dating.

As it was noted above, she was initially deleted from the app, however, because people thought it wasn’t her. According to the actress, users must’ve been reporting her account because of the improbability of running into Sharon Stone on a dating application.

As for how it’s going, Stone said she has met a couple of great people and a few of them have even become her friends.

Stone went on to say in the interview that like everyone else, she’s interested in finding someone who’s interested in a “compassionate and loving relationship.”