Slim Khloe Kardashian poses in a tiny Bikini

Slim Khloe Kardashian poses in a tiny Bikini

38-year-old Khloe Kardashian is gradually becoming one of the most popular stars of the reality show.

After the birth of her daughter True, she was able to lose almost 30 kilograms and is clearly not going to stop there. Daughter Kris Jenner is now happy to demonstrate her amazing figure on the blog.

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So, on June 26, she put on a tiny pink bikini that barely held her shape. Chloe filmed herself in the bathroom mirror. Particular attention is drawn to chiseled hands and a steel press.

By the way, Kardashian did not just decide to show her figure – the bikini was designed by the Good American brand, which the star has her own line.

“That’s a figure,” “Gym classes fully justify themselves,” “I wonder if you need to work out six times a week or 7 to look like this?”, “Amazing figure,” and “Chloe looks much better without those huge buttocks,” “Very feminine and proportional figure! – Internet users respond in the comments.

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However, not all of them were admired by Kardashian. Chloe is regularly suspected of being too fond of plastic and photoshop.

And this time, among the subscribers of the star, there were those who criticized her for being “unnatural.”

The brand has made a name for itself by offering jeans in a wide range of sizes and has since added swimwear and athletic apparel.

The fashion industry personality and many of his family members have appeared in the line’s promotional materials.

Kardashian discussed the development of his brand in an interview with InStyle and noted that he and his colleagues would never consider removing size-based offers from the shelf.

“We can’t cut to a certain size because then it’s not authentic who we are,” he said.

The businessman then offered a little insight into how Good American grew so quickly.