Sofia Richie And Matthew Morton – Here’s How She Feels About Him Following Their PDA-Filled Date!

Sofia Richie And Matthew Morton – Here’s How She Feels About Him Following Their PDA-Filled Date!

After the two were seen sharing a kiss while on what seemed like a dinner date, it sounds like Sofia Richie and Matthew Morton’s romance is getting hotter and hotter by the day! This is what an insider shared not too long ago!

So how does the model feel about Matthew Morton as the first guy she’s dating after almost three years with her now ex, Scott Disick?

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First of all, the insider mentioned via HollywoodLife that she’s ‘having fun’ with the Cha Cha Matcha founder but what about something more serious?

The source went on to share that ‘Sofia’s friends all encouraged her to give Matthew a chance. He’s liked her for a long time and is a great guy so everyone in her circle is happy to see this working out. It’s obviously very fresh but she’s having fun. He treats her like gold and is someone she knows she can trust. It’s definitely a good thing. Sofia really likes the way she can be around Matt. It is a lot less stressful since it is just fun and not super serious right now. She likes him, thinks he is cute and trusts him.’

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They also mentioned that she doesn’t have much to worry about with him as compared to when he was dating Scott Disick and members of the KarJenners would always be around them.

Compared to that, dating Matthew is a ‘breath of fresh air.’

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The insider also detailed that ‘She really wasn’t looking for anything serious and she has no expectations whatsoever when it comes to settling down or jumping into another relationship. She’d like to take things slow, but at the same time she definitely likes Matthew and enjoys spending time with him and getting to know him better. He makes her laugh and the physical attraction is obviously there so she’s seeing where things go, but also leaving her options open at this point.’