Sydney Sweeney Has Spoken Up About Financial Strugges And Affording Life In Los Angeles

Sydney Sweeney Has Spoken Up About Financial Strugges And Affording Life In Los Angeles

Sydney Sweeney is one of the rising actresses of our time. She’s one of the few actresses that has gained a massive following over a very short period. She’s best known for her role as Cassie in the hit show “Euphoria” which was massively loved by many people because of its wild nature.

Sydney Sweeney has recently spoken up about her career insecurities as well as the realities of fame. She opened up about how Hollywood tends to treat women who are young mothers. She stated that she always wanted to be a young mom however she is afraid of how that would impact her career.

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She’s mentioned that she wants to start a family. She did not disclose her relationship status during this time. However, she did recall some advice that she had gotten from her co-star Amy Adams who assured her that she could balance home and acting life.

She also stated that she has nothing to fall back on should she need to. She said that if she took a 6-month break, she would not be able to live as she didn’t have enough income to survive. She stated that she has no one to help her with her bills or someone to call for help. She mentioned that the people in Los Angeles don’t pay actors like they used to. She also mentioned that she had to pay five percent of her earnings to her lawyer, ten percent to her agent, and three percent to her business manager. She also added that she had to pay a monthly fee to her publicist.

She also spoke about how she had to rely on brand deals to earn enough. She claimed that if she just did acting as a job, then she wouldn’t have enough to live in Los Angeles. She also spoke about the toxic culture of how people in the industry just wanted others to backstab each other.

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She mentioned feeling like the group of people she could share things with and have relationships with was just growing smaller and smaller. She also mentioned that she hated that the industry was becoming so toxic over the years.