T.I. Opens Up On His Collaboration With Kanye West Ye Vs. The People

T.I. Opens Up On His Collaboration With Kanye West Ye Vs. The People

In 2018, Hot New Hip Hop reported today, TI and Kanye West dropped a collaborative project together around the same time that West came out as a devout Trump supporter. The rapper was all over the headlines at the time for his love for the president, which he later rescinded shortly before his own presidential campaign.

For many in the hip-hop and rap community, Kanye West’s appraisal of the president of the United States was one of his darkest moments thus far, while others praised him for being a free-thinking man.

In 2018, Kanye and TI worked together on the track, “Ye vs The People,” in which TI was portrayed as the “people” whom Kanye was rapping against and voicing his opinion.

Fast-forward to the present day, and TI is currently promoting the release of his new record, LIBRA, which has also come alongside a number of new interviews and press junkets. Additionally, the rapper did an interview with Craig Jenkins from Vulture.

During their conversation, TI touched on the way in which the song has aged since it came out. The rapper said it was a “breath of fresh air musically,” and it marked a turning point for him and Kanye because they eloquently had a conversation about his thoughts toward the president.

The rapper went on to say that he felt as if it was the “perfect record,” and only he and Kanye could’ve released such a project. Some people, however, accused TI of being an enabler. Other people argued it was just Kanye freely expressing himself which he has a right to do.

As it was noted above, Kanye came out as a Trump supporter amid the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency. Currently, Joe Biden and Trump are facing off against each other for the upcoming election race.

Kanye, as well, launched his own presidential campaign which has sparked the ire of many, but the praise of others. For instance, rappers such as Da Baby and Gunna publicly praised Kanye and said they were voting for him for sure if his name appeared on the ballot.