T.I.’s Terrifying Post Breaks Fans’ Hearts – See It Here

T.I.’s Terrifying Post Breaks Fans’ Hearts – See It Here

T.I. shared a terrifying post on his social media account that has fans talking in the comments. Check out the clip that he shared on social media.

A follower said: ‘My feelings telling me the friend and the friend mom had something to do with this.’


One commenter posted this: ‘Thank you for continuously using your platform for us!!!’

A fan said: ‘Jesus that boy was beautiful I keep telling my son that these so-called friends ain’t loyal keep them in the house let their family be their friends. All these men are getting set up by their best friends, especially if they’re special, creative, and talented or popular. Moms pay close attention to who your sons hang around. I will die for my 2 boys, and anyone around them better have their best interests if not, they are not coming over, eating at my table RIP young king.🙏

A follower said: ‘The MOM AND HER SON… probably did it… SMFH!!!’ and someone else posted this: ‘Gets me 😡 they find who they wanna find run that satellite 📡 back.’

Someone else said: ‘Invest in a law firm. Get your own attorneys. Trust me; things will change.’

One commenter posted this message: ‘That’s God for that lady to come forward. This is so sad! This has to stop.’

Someone else said: ‘I saw this and my heart broke. I dont see the colour. I see some1 son, brother, nephew. God bless his family but most importantly give his momma strength that those who killed her baby will be charged by our God, if not here they’ll be taken care of in HELL.’

A person posted this: ‘This kid is from Baldwin, Louisiana. I’m literally 10 min away. The incident happened in Loreauville, Louisiana. This literally brought me to tears. Who TF would do this to a child, let alone a human being??’

Not too long ago, T.I. shared a message on his social media account that had a lot of fans commenting and throwing shade at him.

Then, he felt the need to get back online and set things straight.